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Our company called Kolonics-Trans Ltd. has been established in 2006.
The company is specialized for the transportation of goods sensible to time.
With modern techniques, excellent quality we offer unique solutions to our customers with our network in all around Europe, that shorten the time of delivery and improve the logistical processes.
Comprehensive and global services can be provided in the fields of direct and special transportation requiring extraordinary service and procurement logistics.
We can guarantee the fastest door-to-door transport all over EU.

Our philosophy

Get to know us better what distinguishes us from the competitors:

Basis of our system is the common will, namely the fast and effective delivery of goods.
The most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers.
Our aim is the fulfillment of the orders at a high level and attractive price.
Our offer continuously follow the changing requirements and demands of the market.

Place of business and network

Instead of the impersonal and simplified procedures our staff members can offer you and your company more effective and human solutions by making a survey of the logistical demand of your company.
Beside our regional services we have more than 100 partners. Thus we can provide our customer that in 60 minutes after sending the order the consignment can be picked up at several places in Europe.

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