Truck of the Year 2010

Date: 02. December 2009.

The new Scania Series R was elected as "the best van of the year" by the jury of the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) which is the most exalted honour of the industry in Europe.

The jury accounted for their judgement by the followings: the streamlined form, economic operation, unique supporting system inspiring the driver for effective driving.

Continuous innovation is one of the keystones of the strategy of Scania which determine the product development, too. The award of the new series R, namely "Truck of the Year" justify the success of our effort that all of our innovation should contribute to the greater productivity, reduced operation costs and more comfort offered to the drivers. - told by Leif Östling, CEO of Scania.

THe justification of the jury agree with the positive feedbacks of the customers. The timing of the new Series R was direct hit. - mentioned Mr Östling.

Chairman of the Jury, Gianenrico Griffini added that "in these days which is hard time for the whole motor industry and even the European commercial vehicle works Scania presented such an up-to-date van which is a new category in the field of fuel consumption, maneuvrability and overall the effective operation, too."

This December Scania can get the award of "Truck of the Year 2010". This award is prized to the type which has been the most significant contribution to making the road haulage more effective during the previous 12 months. ( Forrás: tranzitonline 2009.11.17. )

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