Next year lamp sets are not necessary in cars

Date: 01. December 2009.

From January, 1 the policemen cannot ask the driver for the reserve lamp set during a roadcheck.
It does not mean that we can run cars plunged in darkness but it is the liability of the driver
to provide the necessary technical conditions.

Regulation referring to the fist-aid kits has been become simple, too. Formerly if the warranty of anything in the fisrt-aid kit has expired
the driver should have changed the whole kit.
Since most people - thank to God - never need to use the fisrt-aid kits in their lifes, the routin procedure would have been that if the unopened first-aid kits would have been thrown away in every five years and bought a new one.
The regulation coming into effect in next January gives us some relief. From January it will be enough if you change only those things in the kit which warranty periods has expired,
and the others henceforward can stay in the kit.
The regulation determines the minimum content of such fisrt-aid kits. ( Authority: Fuvarlevél 2009.11.28. )

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