A separate regulation is valid for the vehicles below 3.5 tons in Germany - Part II

Date: 02. December 2009.

The regulation mentioned above is valid only in Germany.

It means for the foreigners that they should register the above mentinoed fact onto the "medical chart" only in Germany. Namely the first record should be registered onto the "medical chart" when the driver enter Germany, and the last record when he leaves Germany.
If the driver fails to register the fact onto the medical chart or makes it improperly, the German authority can impose a fine. The amount of money depends on how many days the driver has spent in Germany. THe amount of money is determined by the German Federal Fine Catalogue and its average value is 125 Euro per day. In respect that it is a differential fine, there is no possibility to reduce.
In case of that unexpected event if a check is made and the "medical chart" has not been filled in properly we can suggest the driver the followings:
In this case it is sure that a fine will be imposed. In oder to minimise the amount of the fine it is advisable to mention that the driver has spent only the given day in Germany and he was not there during the previous 28 days. I do not want to encourage the drivers and the companies to evade the law, of course.   According to the professional experiences the German authority can prove only that the driver has spent one or two days in Germany therefore the fime will be determined only for one or two days. I want to call your attention that this statement is true until the contrary is proved by the authority ( e.g. roadside check some days before, penalty, etc. ) ( Authority: kamionhirek.hu )

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