A separate regulation is valid for the vehicles below 3.5 tons in Germany - Part I

Date: 02. December 2009.

During transportation to abroad it is worth preparing for the regulations and features valid in the foreing countries. However EU aspires for the standardization of the straggling regulations providing some scope for action of legislators of the companies to regulate some questions. It is the situation in Germany, too, where there is an own inner regulation referring for the vehicles taking part in the transportation of goods and having a maximum allowable weight between 2.8 and 3.5 tons.

According to the common EU regulations those vans taking part in the international transport of goods should be equipped with tachograph whose maximum authorized weight is above 3.5 tons - apart from some exception determined by the law.
There is a different situation in case of vehicles taking part in the international transport of goods but their maximum authorized weight is between 2.8 and 3.5 tons. In case of them there is a separate regulation in Germany.
It is not necessary to equip these vehicles with tachograph but according to the German law the driver of the given vehicle should register the driving hours, other working hours, rest periods and breaks between driving periods on a daily base. The driver should write his own name, the date, the registration number of the vehicle, the position of the milemeter at departure and arrival onto these so-called „"medical charts"”. THese registration work should be done immediately, cannot be done afterwards. Like in case of tachograph the driver should keep the "medical charts" referring for the given day and 28 days before by himself and he produce these documents in case of an accidental control.

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