The new small car of Volkwagen brings more thousands of working places into Slovakia - motor industry

Date: 01. December 2009.

Production of the new mini car of VW called VW Up! will be started in 2010
by this almost 7000 new working place will be produced. It was mentioned by Andreas Tostman, Head of Board of Directors at VW Slovakia motor works
on Monday at the time of laying the foundation stone of the new factory called New Small Family project.

According to Tostman even the construction of the new factory provide almost 1800 working place in the region. The Volkswagen motor works however
needs 1500 new workers when the production will be launched.
New Small Family mini family cars will be produced for all the brand of Volkswagen Group - such as Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda - in Pozsony
THe first modells having three or five doors
will roll down from the production line in 2011.

Because of the investment the capacity of VW works in Pozsony will be increased by 30%
thus even 400 thousand new cars can be made there annually.

Nowadays 7800 people works there. The modells Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Skoda Octavia
and VW Touareg are also produced there.

THe Slovakian Goverment helps the motor works by providing them 14.3 million Eur tax reduction. According to Robert Fico the investment of VW in Pozsony
is a significant contribution to the restart of the Slovakian economic growth. ( Authority: 2009.11.23 )

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